Overview Professional effectiveness comes with in-depth understanding of how, when and what is being expected, demanding the understanding of the concepts of leading, motivating, goal setting, planning and execution as key factors. A process of professional and personal development beyond functional knowledge along with leadership skills can take anyone to the height that all aspires. This professional and personal development helps individuals to develop personal effectiveness in all respect. This excellent leadership training program is designed to improve an individual’s leadership skills in managing team and oneself, through universal principles of personal and team development and are immensely useful to enhance his/her confidence in the execution process.


Specific Learning Objectives Having attended this workshop, participants will be able to:

=> Develop focus on individual and team goal

=> Orient team members towards organizational goals

=> Manage time and work through proper prioritization, planning and preparation

=> Delegate and execute the devised plan and following up effectively

=> Develop self-motivation and also motivate team members with a positive attitude

=> Explain to team members the prospect of ‘good stress’

=> Inspire others and create a positive and productive atmosphere



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